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Terms and Conditions

Go through the policy before using this portal.
The policy includes every single personal viewing this website and it is presumed that by coming to the webpages, you agree to this "Usage Policy" in the whole. If you don't agree with these conditions you should not use this portal. The internet site usage cookies, it is currently being proclaimed by the moderators of the website that the visitor is in agreement with helloadmission.com's cookies policy. Helloadmission is free to modify, delete or include any part to this document. If any switch is unacceptable the only option is to eliminate the utilization of this portal.
Intellectual Property Rights:
Except in cases where stated, Helloadmission.com completely is the owner of the intellectual property rights of this site and components used on this portal. The material can only be applied for individual use but not going above the limits set by following conditions: Republishing of the Content from the portal in any other digital or print media program Sub-Licensing of any product or service introduced through the portal's channel Processing of any work, market research or study conducted by the website Copyrights: helloadmission.com keeps the sole rights of the digital content accessible all over the website other than the details freely offered on internet under the sensible usage policy. Trademark of helloadmission.com cannot be used to be shown at any professional or non-commercial utilization without having prior approval from the managing company. All the data mining exercises i.e. scrapping, crawling and republishing is not allowed till authored agreement is acquired from the organization.
The portal maintains the sole right of all the mails, comments or views posted under forum or specifically mailed to the site and is free to use, despite the fact that user is free to remove or get removed his/her own content is unintentionally or purposefully published on the website. It is applied to all that one must not use any nasty or attacking terminology in any forum or openly accessible comment section. Creating a user account on Helloadmission.com: The portal intents to safeguard private details given by the user while creating a user account. By making an account the user confirms the terms needed to protect the secrecy of username and password for the account, in charge to any action performed using the user account Accept all threat and responsibilities for action done within the username.
Limitation of Liability:
By utilizing the portal, you acknowledge with the condition that helloadmission will not be accountable for any legal concept or contracts for any kind concerns induced by any other party. The website is also not accountable to confirm or rationalize information and facts provided by contributors of the portal i.e. academic institutions, coaching institutes, individual comments. To avoid the damage of visitor it is highly suggested that every details available on the web page must be confirmed before taking it into account. Helloadmission.com states that it will not be used to distribute any destructive or harmful software so in any case of system loss or system damage, the portal can't be held liable. Even the website by itself is suggested to beware of these possibilities. External Links: helloadmission.com is not accountable to any damage triggered due to the external links accessible on the website. It is also recommended to confirm with other options before making any decision on the basis OF commercials or content offered on the linked websites.
Governing Law:
All the courtroom proceedings comes under the jurisdiction of Honorable Delhi High Court, New Delhi, India and will adhere to the laws of the state.