New rules of admission, affiliation for Engineering Colleges announced by AICTE

In the Technological era where electronics are the most important need, the quality of skills require to make product and services for customers is decreasing. The skill set of current engineering students is low and not sufficient enough to serve the demands of organisation because of poor education they get from fake and non-affiliated Engineering collages.

All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) has taken actions regarding this issue. ACITE has introduces new rule for admission of students in Engineering collages and also guidelines require for cancellation of affiliation of Engineering collage.

These rules will be in effect from academic year 2018-19. And according to supreme court orders, all universities has to get approval from ACITE committee. It also contains the entry fee required by a new educational institute to enter into the market which is 1 lakh.

The area of campus of buildings of engineering collages has reduced. For urban areas it is reduced from 2.5 acres to 1.5 acres and for rural areas it is reduced from 7.5 acres to 4 acres.

They also changed the faculty student ratio of Engineering collages and hotel management institutes. As per the AICTE now one faculty member is allocated for 20 students for Post Graduate (PG) courses which was 1 is to 10 earlier. For MBA and MAC course one faculty member is allocated for 5 students instead of 15. This ratio is increased for diploma students though. Earlier one faculty member was appointed or allocated for 20 students but now one teacher is appointed for 25 students. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of professors and also reduces the cost

The ACITE also announced that all Engineering Collages must have Internet facility now. Also for people who have taken admissions and are in first year they have to go through induction training.

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