Best Professional Opportunities Available After Graduation

As you embark on discovering fresh occupation opportunities, consider about the additional training and education you might necessitate. Here are some career options that pay well if you have graduated from one of the top engineering colleges in India that can be explored using the promising web portal of Hello Admission.

Creative Writing

Writers have flourished in this age like never before, with the internet making steady inroads into virtually every corner of the human civilization. Knowing the nuances of blogging can turn you into an overnight celebrity. Besides, the new generation novelists are also finding greater acceptance among people, even after getting admission in top medical colleges in India. So, if you have the right appetite to write creative stuff and are also willing to go the extra distance in search of perfection, then a career as a writer might just be perfect for you.

Masters of Business Administration (MBA in Finance)

There is always someone in the family who will advise you to pursue MBA from one of the best colleges. A good career in MBA totally depends on the credibility of the institute that you are pursuing from. As a candidate of IIM, the success will certainly trail you right to the doorsteps but pursuing MBA from a regular and not much prominent institute will only add numbers to the list of unemployed MBAs. The results of your CAT exams determine the institute where you can pursue the MBA program. After finishing this 2-year program, you can easily get job in financial service sector.

Event Management

If you possess an engineering bachelor degree, then there is every reason you can entertain hopes of becoming an event manager. The one important quality that you must have in this field is good communication skills. Interacting with a lot of people, from various social strata, will be a part of your daily routine as an event manager. Certainly one of the most enticing career options after engineering for many!

Computer Software

If you like computers, math and solving problems, then consider computer software development or programming. Even if your degree from one of the top engineering colleges in the country is not in computer science, you may still be able to work in the field. You may be required to pursue a few courses or enrol in a certificate program to achieve credibility, albeit you’ve been playing around with computers for years. The field can be quite lucrative.

Chartered Accountant (CA)

CA is amongst the most common career options that the majority of commerce graduates would pursue. Exams for CA are carried out by Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAI) and necessitate clearing 3 Examinations over the period of time that is CPT, IPCC and Final CA. Since the candidates are finished with their graduation, they are entitled to straightaway come out for IPCC which consists of two groups. Once the candidate has cleared one of the groups, he is supposed to enrol for article ship with a qualified CA for the duration of two and a half years. Once both the groups of IPCC are cleared and effectively finishing the article ship one can come out for Final CA. There are 2 groups in the final CA examination and you can proudly affix the words CA before your name post clearing both of them.

Food Critic

No formal qualification is required, and yet you might be a well-paid professional if your taste buds are sensitive enough to make you a food critic. A rather eccentric profession selection post engineering, this shall be specifically appealing to the foodies out there who have their unique skill sets in analyzing the flavour of various foods. Nevertheless, being a food critic might require you to refrain from alcohol consumption and smoking, which are the prerequisites for maintaining healthy and sensitive taste buds.

Surprisingly or strangely, according to the national students’ survey, a lot of students have even changed their educational stream and joined the medical colleges in Chennai, no matter they have been pursuing graduation. On a stern communication, at present, simply finishing the graduation is not counted as having a wonderful or fruitful line of business. You need thorough acquaintance and a good certification to face the tough rivalry in life.

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