All About Moving From School To College
Sat, 12 Aug 2017 Admin

All About Moving From School To College

If you are reading this article, chances are that you have either taken an engineering or medical exam and are about to make a decision regarding admission in top medical college in India, or you are still a year or two away from reaching that point.

In either case, the medical and engineering admissions process in India is something that may have baffled you. With 30 states in India, over 50 entrance exams (national, state and private university run exams), 3549 colleges and 34 streams to choose from, navigating the maze of medical and engineering admissions is nothing short of a nightmare.

If it is the top few institutions that you aspire to get into, the process is still simple, but the moment you try to expand your universe you also add to your misery. This article will help you get an overview of how to navigate your way from school to an engineering or medical college and understand how admissions for best colleges in India for engineering or medical actually work.

Find out if you have the aptitude to become an engineer

Have you always had a fascination for machines, cars or fixing things? Does creating a building tickle your imagination? Have you always enjoyed math and science more than the social sciences? If you find yourself agreeing to most of these questions with a yes, then you surely have what it takes to become an engineer.

Even if you don’t answer yes to all the above questions but have a healthy curiosity and logical thinking, then you can opt for engineering, because in India engineering is seen as a way to nurture a career in business, government administration and research. It is typically before Class 10 that a student in India has to decide if engineering is what she/he wants to pursue.

Choose the right subjects in higher secondary school

The subjects most commonly recognized at higher secondary level for pursuing engineering in top automobile engineering colleges in India are Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. The course content in class 11 and 12 forms the basis of engineering courses.

Recently the Central Board for Secondary Education (CBSE) has increased the importance of marks scored in the 12th board by making it mandatory for the national Joint Entrance Exams that it conducts. Hence paying attention to the board exams is now as important as preparing for the engineering entrance exams.

Prepare for the engineering entrance exam

Unfortunately, today the competition to get into a top notch institution is so severe that good coaching for clearing engineering entrance exams has become almost obligatory. There are several coaching centers across India which offer training through correspondence as well as face to face.

Your preparation strategy should be to first strengthen the base of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics starting from 10th Standard NCERT books till 12th standard. Second you must go through the JEE Mains and Advanced Syllabus and plan your preparation at least two years in advance. If need be then enroll yourself in a coaching institute to help you plan and prepare better. Self study is the most critical part of engineering preparation.

Choose which entrance exams to appear for

You can’t appear in all entrance exams. So you need to prioritize which exams generally advisable not to have more than 5 entrance exams in your priority list. To give you snapshot there are three types of engineering entrance exams conducted for the best colleges in India for engineering and medical. They are categorized as: All India level, State level and University level engineering entrance exams

All India Level exams (which also cover all the Private University exams) are not restricted to a state hence are recognized by a larger number of institutes. With the introduction of JEE in 2012 a new pattern of national exams replaced AIEEE and IIT JEE. This exam is conducted in two parts—JEE Main and JEE Advanced. While JEE Main scores are taken into consideration for admission in IIITs, NIITs, Central Funded Technical Institutes and some state and private colleges, JEE Advanced is used for admission in IITs and ISM Dhanbad.

Move ahead, face the challenges & accomplish your dreams!