Why to Start Preparation for JEE Mains from Class 12th?

JEE Main is a national level entrance exam for getting admission in the top engineering colleges across the country. Some of the prominent engineering colleges like IITs, NITs, IIITs intake the top ranking candidates of this entrance exam.

Almost every student passing class 10th who opts for PCM aims to crack JEE main which is the first step towards the goal of getting into an IIT, JEE advanced being the successive step. And as a result, JEE Main is one of the greatest competitive exams conducted across the nations with applications reaching close to a million and JEE Main 2018 would be no different.

Why JEE Main?

JEE Main is not limited to providing admissions to IITs alone but also to other prestigious institutions like NITs, IIITs and other government and private colleges. You will also become more mature technically and will have a strong scientific foundation with JEE preparation that will help you in B.Tech or whatever technical course you will pursue in the future.

When should you start preparing for JEE?

There is a very intense competition in clearing this exam as only 2, 20,000 candidates on the top get through it. Aspirants start studying as early as from class 8th itself just to have a lead over others while some keep wondering when to start their preparation, some students suffer from anxiety and confusion.

Is class 11th correct time to start JEE preparation?

When the students see others preparing for JEE, questions like “Is class 11th correct time to start JEE preparation?” keep flooding the google searches.

Aspirants often fall prey to depression merely form the thought of not being selected. And what if you are already in class 12th? Don’t worry. Here you will get a comprehensive idea about the preparation for JEE Main 2018 and related questions.

How to prepare for JEE Main 2018?

As the time for JEE closes in, the anxiety and stress levels soar up but it must be noted that anxiety and stress will not lead to any fruitful results rather they are sure to yank your result even further down. So the first thing that you need to do is to stay calm. Given below are some tips that will help prepare for the JEE main 2018 beginning from the class 12th and you must consider this 1-year study plan for IIT JEE.

  • Analyze the time you have: First of all, don’t think that 1 year is not sufficient. You can get a high enough rank provided you work both hard and smart. Time management is the most crucial thing here. Set a time schedule for a daily basis considering the time you will spend in the school and coaching (if at all you join one) and religiously follow that.
  • Know the syllabus: JEE has a vast syllabus and has diversity in it. Knowing the weightage of the syllabus in the exam and their difficulty level will help you prepare better. For instance, preparing the easier topics first will boost your confidence.
  • Don’t let one subject overshadow the other: One of the most prominent points in JEE preparation is that all the three subjects need time and there should not be partiality among the three. Prepare all the three subjects at least to abasic level.
  • Have a plan: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”, these aren’t just some other fancy words. These are words of wisdom. You must always have a plan for something as big as the JEE main and since you have just this one year for the exam, making a plan on how to study on a daily basis, topics to be covered in a week, books to go through in a month and finally leaving time at the end for multiple revisions is important.
  • Refer NCERT: NCERT books that are used in the syllabus of CBSE schools are very good for building the foundation for the JEE exams and once you have your basics strong, you can easily move onto the higher level.And the bonus is that you are already prepared for your class 12th board exams.
  • Study source: Pupils who opt for coaching classes have tons of questions and study material at their discreet. Coaching classes surely provide a great deal of assistance for JEE but combine them with schools and you and you hardly have any time left for self-study. So you basically end up having lots of questions and very less time. Hence, those preparing by self, are at an advantage with respect to time as getting quality study material is not that hard nowadays.
  • Practice: Practice as many questions as you can for every topic you study because that will give you an accurate idea of the difficulties that you will face during the exam and your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Act Now: Don’t procrastinate or refrain from acting out of fear of failure. Firm determination and hard work combined with time management will get you through the exam.

Considering the fact that JEE Main 2018 is close you, pupils in class 12thshould start gearing up their preparation for the JEE 2018 and stay focused without losing confidence or having fear. And remember that cracking JEE main in just one year is completely feasible.

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