5 Reasons Sample papers will help you to score high

In our country, more than 25 national level entrance examination for admission to different courses is conducted every year and lakhs of students appear in each of these examinations. There are examinations conducted for admission to various UG/ PG/ Doctoral courses in the field of Engineering, Medical, Management, Law, and likes. The number of aspirants competing in the entrance examinations is increasing at a rapid rate with every coming year which implies that the level of competition has also increased proportionally. It is very crucial for the applicants to prepare themselves exquisitely for any competitive examination. From study material, to sample test papers every single element plays a very important role in the preparation process.

Candidates must stay focused and disciplined throughout the preparation session only then they could achieve their goal. Studying the whole syllabus, learning the important formulae, working on basic concepts is essential but these practices would yield fruitful result only if candidate develop the habit of solving sample question papers. The practice of solving sample papers is the key to crack any competitive examination it helps to do time management efficiently, increases the speed of attempting questions, and helps to better understand the structure of the question paper. Every other day a new coaching center is opening and candidates have plenty of choices. Maximum of these coaching institutes provide sample question papers offline and online as well on their web-portal. Candidates can easily get the sample paper of the most crucial examinations such as JEE Advanced sample paper 2018, BITSAT 2018 sample paper, NEET-UG sample paper etc. online sitting  at home without paying a single penny.

Here in this article, we have mentioned 5 reasons why solving Sample Papers is the best way to score high.

Time Management

The first and one of the most important reasons to solve sample papers is Time Management. Solving one sample paper daily will help to improve your speed of attempting questions on time and you will develop the habit of dividing your time among the section of questions efficiently. You will get the idea which type of questions should be solved first and which types must be attempted last depending upon their complexity. Also, solving sample papers will help you to understand the structure of the question paper and you will be able to prepare more accurately for the examination.

Distribution of Marks and Structure of the Question Paper

The sample papers give the insight of the question paper i.e. types of questions, no. of questions, weightage of marks, the frequency of repetitive questions, etc. It gets easy to figure out which topic contributes maximum questions in the examination and which topics hold high weightage of marks. It becomes easy that way to prepare certain topics more firmly. Solving sample papers also gives the idea about certain questions that are asked frequently in the recent years. This is how a candidate will be able to plan out his/ her preparation strategy precisely.


One of the 5 reasons why solving sample papers is the best way to score high is self-evaluation. Solving sample papers will help you to evaluate your preparation. The more you solve sample papers the more you will be able to know which topics you need to work on and it will be easy to prepare accordingly. The practice of solving sample papers will save you from any ambiguity and you will be able to divide your time proportionally among the important topics.


Try to solve one sample paper daily any see the remarkable improvement in your timing and efficiency. Sample papers help to increase your efficiency and you will be able to solve questions more accurately and fast. You will find many ways to solve a single question and it will be easy for you to learn formulae by using them to solve questions. The more you practice formulae while solving questions it will become easy for you to remember those formulae during the examination.

Work on your weaknesses

It will help you to recognize your weaknesses. When you work on sample papers you find new challenges and you will get to know whether you could find a solution to those challenges or not. Also, you will able to figure out the topics you don’t have better hold on and it will be clear to you what to prepare and how to prepare.

Today sample papers are easily available offline on stores and online as well. JEE is one of the most anticipated entrance examination of the country candidates could easily get JEE Main 2018 Sample papers online and offline as well. Similarly, candidates could get the sample paper of other entrance examinations as well both online and offline very conveniently.

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